Division of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (FAME)


Moses Amos

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor

Connie Donato-Hunt

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

Terry Opa

Secretary to the Director

Seya Brighton

Fisheries Information Section

Fisheries Information Specialist

Aymeric Desurmont

Information and outreach officer - PEUMP/MFAT

Céline Muron

Technical Support Officer

Constance Odiardo

Technical Support Officer

Boris Colas

Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) - Programme Management Unit (PMU)

PEUMP Programme Coordinator (PMU)

William Jatulan

PEUMP Finance Officer (PMU)

Maika Vulaono

PEUMP Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Officer (PMU)

Tupeope Samani

PEUMP Gender and HRBA Specialis (PMU)t

under recruitment

PEUMP Communications Officer (PMU)

Debbie Singh

PEUMP Project Assistant (PMU)

Leimor Penjueli

PEUMP Finance Officer (CFP & OFP)

Richard Alu

PEUMP Project Assistant (CFP & OFP)

Nathalie Demeillier

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