Peter Sharples
Observer Support and Development Coordinator

Secretariat of the Pacific Community
98848 Noumea Cedex
New Caledonia

Telephone: + 687 26 20 00
Fax: + 687 26 38 18

Information: After securing a BSc. in vertebrate physiology from Massey University Peter pursued a variety of technical and training roles around the world before training as a NZ Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries observer. He then undertook a decade of observer and off-shore field technician work in locations from the sub-Antarctic to the equator. This included a diverse range of service to the SPC region from monitoring drift net fishing, tagging tuna and a fishery resource survey for Pitcairn Island through to reviewing and re-designing the USMLT observer programme and heading a team of South Pacific Regional Tuna Resource Assessment and Monitoring Project (SPRTRAMP) observers as they laid base for establishing national observer programmes throughout the region. Peter has strong observing background, work in several Pacific Island countries, extensive training experience and pivotal role in several major regional observer initiatives, including establishment of PNG's large and effective observer programme, moulded him to the Observer Support and Development Coordinator role funded under the SciCOFish project.