Steven Hare
Fisheries Scientist (national scientific support)

Secretariat of the Pacific Community
98848 Noumea Cedex
New Caledonia

Telephone: + 687 26 20 00
Fax: + 687 26 38 18

Information: After obtaining a BSc from the University of Michigan in Fisheries, Steven served a stint in the United States Peace Corps working in the Solomon Islands in the early 1980s. He continued his involvement with oceanic fisheries working in the North Pacific (for NOAA), the eastern tropical Atlantic (Guiné-Bissau) and the Middle East (Oman). Eventually he entered a doctoral program at the University of Washington and obtained his PhD in Fisheries Science in 1996. As part of his PhD research, Steven discovered, and named, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), an important mode of interannual climate variability. For the next 17 years, he worked for the International Pacific Halibut Commission. His initial work was on fisheries oceanography and bycatch and eventually he took over the harvest policy analyses and spent his last five years heading the halibut stock assessment, having obtained the position of Chief Scientist. During his tenure at the IPHC, Steven served on a number of national and international fisheries oversight committees and developed a strong publishing history in the refereed literature. A desire to return to international work prompted his move to SPC in New Caledonia.