SPC FAME Business Plan

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FAME has been providing scientific and technical expertise to support fisheries management and sustainable development in the Pacific for over 60 years. Our goal through this business plan is that the fisheries and aquaculture resources of the Pacific region are resilient, and managed sustainably for economic growth, food security, and cultural and environmental conservation. The 2022-2027 business plan is nested under the SPC’s Strategic Plan 2022-2031 and guided by member priorities. Through this business plan, FAME will implement and contribute to all the key focus areas of the SPC strategic plan.

Inspired by te wa - which is inherently linked with our Pacific identity as navigators, discoverers and fishers - together we embark on a voyage of discovery and learning, integrating our Pacific knowledge, and empowered by trusting relationships and enduring partnerships.

Image of the Te Wa and explanation of the analogy.
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Te wa - Our journey in the Pacific