Key work areas

Providing the scientific and technical support for effective fisheries management and sustainable development in the Pacific Islands

The vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean represents significant economic, social, and cultural benefits from the marine and aquatic resources. With increasing populations in many Pacific islands, countries and territories, there is a need to bridge the expanding gap between the supply and demand for these resources. Effective fisheries management is essential to preserving this resource, but this can be challenging, particularly when fishing technology has advanced fishing capacity and the area fished is so extensive and diverse in terms of social and ecological contexts.

Sustainable management of marine resources is therefore multifaceted and needs to consider a wide range of factors, such as ecosystems, marine science, social and economic structures, legislative mechanisms, and of course human and technical capacity and resources. To achieve this on a regional scale requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders and SPC FAME’s Business Plan aims to enable this. Our wide-ranging key work areas have evolved to provide the essential scientific and technical support for fisheries management and sustainable development in the Pacific.

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