Database systems and access

Developing and enhancing database systems for fisheries data management, data collection and reporting

On behalf of its members, FAME holds an extensive amount of data that have been collected over many decades by member countries, by our partners and through our project work. These data were originally collected on paper forms and stored on local databases, but more recently we have developed modern cloud-hosted databases and apps for electronic tablet-based data collection.

Captain using Onboard electronic logsheet application on his fishing vessel

Our data management team works to develop and enhance secure, web-based systems for data entry, management, quality control, visualisation and reporting. The tools that have been developed provide world-class fisheries data management capability, which is vital to both national fisheries management needs and the scientific analyses and research that we provide to support our members’ management processes. The team continually improves and extends the functionality of these tools to meet the needs of member countries, and to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of Pacific fisheries management and policy.

As the use of the internet has increased throughout the Pacific, the collection and manipulation of electronic data (e-data) has become more prevalent. This makes data management more efficient and secure. Within the coastal fisheries sector, this has also seen an increase and we have been able to extend the use of some of our apps, such as Tails, for coastal fisheries data collection, as well as developing other apps for coastal fisheries data entry and analysis

FAME has an internal data management policy which provides guidelines and rules for the collection, storage, security, ownership and dissemination of important fisheries data within our care. This document was developed to assure data owners that best-practice data policies have been developed in order to comply with regional data rules and national priorities for the management of fisheries data.

We have developed the following tools to assist our members with their fisheries management and reporting obligations. 


Data entry

Tufman 2

The Tuna Fisheries Data Management system - Tufman 2 - is a cloud-hosted, web database developed for Pacific Island Countries to manage their tuna fishery data. It has been developed over many years and has evolved from a simple system to one that is becoming a comprehensive integrated web-based tuna data management tool.

Data reporting and visualisation

T2 Reports

The T2 Reports tool is a secured online reporting interface, integrated into Tufman 2 to produce a wide range of reports, allowing its registered users access to tuna fisheries data from SPC member countries. Together, these support mapping of fisheries data and facilitate the production of figures and tables specifically for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) reporting template.


The Catch and Effort Query System (CES) allows member countries to extract summaries of operational logsheet data, aggregate public-domain catch and effort data, and annual catch estimates. Authorised users have the possibility to build their own data extraction by filtering and aggregating the data the way they want, which makes CES a handy data analysis tool. It is commonly used to produce tables, graphs and maps for member-country National Fisheries Reports.


The PREVIEW (SPC Public Reference Data Viewer) online tool has been designed to try to centralise essential reference data from most major fisheries related bodies, such as SPC, FFA, WCPFC, FSMA or FAO. A secure password protected web site allows permitted users to review the following data:

  • SPC generic reference tables (country list, field staff list, gear type, ports, species, species range)
  • SPC conversion factors
  • SPC observer data codes (fish condition, fate codes, gear interactions, units)
  • SPC/WCPFC/FFA/FSMA vessels definition lists
  • FAO ASFIS species list

Guest users can also register and have access to limited non confidential resources such as generic references and conversion factors.


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Applications and systems

The Tuna Fisheries Data Management system - Tufman 2 - is a cloud-hosted, web database developed for Pacific Island Countries to manage their tuna fishery data. 

Tails is a smartphone and tablet application that allows coastal fisheries staff to easily collect tuna and reef fish catch information from small-scale fishers in remote locations.

Ikasavea is a smartphone and tablet application that allows fisheries surveyors to collect market, landing and socio-economic survey data offline.

OnBoard app is one of the SPC-developed E-Reporting tools suite.

OnShore is one of the tablet applications of the SPC-developed suite of E-reporting tools.

OLLO is an Android app developed by SPC for observers monitoring longline vessels operating in the southern albacore fisheries.