This tool is designed to allow users access to and compare laws and policies on coastal fisheries and aquaculture management in 23 Pacific Island countries and territories (22 SPC member countries and Timor Leste). It targets decision-makers, fisheries managers, specialists and researchers as well as civil society. Graphic redesign work has been undertaken to improve its usability and better guide visitors.

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Search tool: accessing laws and policies by country or territory

About 1000 documents have been arranged by country and type (e.g. constitutions, laws, regulations, policies and management plans) from many different areas such as fisheries, aquaculture, navigation and the environment. These documents have been selected from more than 30 online sources of information (government sites and international legal databases) or are digitised versions of documents SPC has collected during fieldwork (particularly in terms of legislation by local bodies). Once the user has selected the country, the tool displays a list of both key and related documents (e.g. fisheries legislation and the regulations implemented to apply that legislation) along with any amendments or modifications. The tool provides an overview of each document in the form of a datasheet containing, in particular, a link to the PACLII file (i.e. the University of the South Pacific’s legal database) and a summary from FAOLEX (i.e. the legal database of the Food and Agriculture Organization’ of the United Nations). The user can also download the document directly if it is available in PDF format.

Analysis tool: comparing management measures between several countries or territories

This comparative tool allows users to quickly access provisions in a country or territory’s legislation without having to consult the legal documents themselves. It began with the information contained in an SPC publication (2005): Size limits and other coastal fisheries regulations used in the Pacific Islands region. That information was then verified in detail and supplemented via a thorough analysis of coastal fisheries-related legislation and regulations.

Overview tool: understanding the legal framework of each country or territory

This overview tool contains country factsheets that provide the legal, political and institutional profiles for each country, along with communication materials developed by SPC (e.g. posters, leaflets). This part of the database is designed to provide background information that is vital for analysing and understanding regulations and to facilitate access to available awareness-raising materials.

ReefLex is constantly being improved and updated to make it easier for the general public to use the database. Interested fisheries departments can request direct access to ReefLex to put new legislation that has been approved in their countries online themselves. In that way, users will have access to the most recent documents and up-to-date information.

Access the tool

You can access REEFLEX here